Alexander De Varona, APRN
Alexander De Varona, APRN
Family Nurse Practitioner
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About me
I was born in Camaguey, Cuba where I completed medical school and practiced medicine for a few years before choosing to move to the U.S. to become a family nurse practitioner. I have family in the U.S., but many still live in Cuba. When I was young, I always appreciated the care my doctors provided whenever I was sick. Their levels of professionalism and care inspired me to pursue a career in the medical field. A great day for me is when I have resolved every problem a patient has, and they feel well once again. My favorite part of my job is listening to my patients, and I genuinely care about seeing them healthy by fulfilling their needs. My favorite part about Sanitas is its continued focus on prevention, promotion, and education. I firmly believe that when patients are more informed about their health, their wellbeing is significantly improved. When providing care, I always listen to their concerns and opinions and take them into consideration when creating a custom care plan. At the end of the day when I take my lab coat off, I enjoy getting outside on the beach. I love to travel and visit new places with my three dogs. I believe that by learning about new cultures, I can grow as a person.
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