All of the healthcare services your family needs

At Sanitas, you can get most of the medical services you need—all in one place with convenient hours and appointments that are easy to get.

Primary Care Primary Care
Our primary care doctors provide care for the entire family—children, women, men and seniors—focusing on the specific needs you have during each stage of your life.
Specialty Care Specialty Care
We offer a wide range of trained specialists right on-site. Each specialist works closely with your primary care doctor to provide the advanced medical care you need.
Urgent Care Urgent Care
Urgent care services when need to see a doctor right away because you feel sick or had an injury. No appointment needed and extended hours on mornings, evenings and weekends.
Lab & Diagnostic Lab & Diagnostic
Each Sanitas medical center offers laboratory and a variety of diagnostic imaging services right onsite, so you and your doctor get results faster and more conveniently.
Vaccinations Vaccinations
We offer all recommended vaccinations that protect children, adults and seniors. They’re safe, effective, and can reduce your chance of developing many common diseases.
Health Programs Health Programs
Our health programs include a multidisciplinary team that focus on the education, monitoring, and treatment of patients with diabetes, asthma, COPD, and on blood thinners.