CEO Message

Since the beginning of my medical career, I’ve marveled at the amazing things that can happen when healthcare organizations put patients and families first. Starting as a surgeon and then as president of Organización Sanitas Internacional (Sanitas), I’ve made that simple truth my guiding principle.

I’ve seen how patients respond when the medical community is organized around proactive quality care. And the results are astonishing! At Sanitas, our doctors and staff members put themselves in the patient’s shoes—and view every medical experience through the patient’s eyes. Patients work closely with their doctors to achieve better health, not just when they were sick, but all the time. 

The Sanitas experience will change your expectations about healthcare. As our patient, you can expect doctors and staff members to spend as much time with you as you need, guiding you through the process toward better health. To explain your medical situation and what’s being done to improve it. Expect a focus on preventive care, so you can be in the best health ever and enjoy the quality of life you want with your family.

In other words, expect health care as it should be—a world of health.

Fernando Fonseca, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Leadership Team

Juan Estrada, M.D.
CEO Sanitas Florida

“I’m proud to work with an amazing team who focuses on preventive care and improving the quality of life of our patients and their families.”

Alberto Darsa
Chief Financial Officer

“By combining comprehensive in-house services with our highly personalized patient experience, we create a unique one-stop solution for our patients.” 

Carlos Montoya, M.D.
VP Healthcare Services

“I believe it’s good medicine to help patients learn ways to prevent disease before it occurs—not just treat them when they’re ill. At Sanitas we do both.” 

Raul Daza, M.D.
Regional Medical Director

“It is a gift to have the opportunity to care for patients. Helping them lead healthier and therefore happier lives.”

Lina Agamez
Director of Operations

“At Sanitas medical centers we speak our patient’s language. Everything we do, every service we provide, revolves around our patients and their families.” 

Rodrigo Martinez
Regional Director

“We strive to provide outstanding and compassionate care and service, every step along the way, exceeding our patients’ expectations.”

Henry Sanchez
Director of Information Technology

“Our goal is to support all of our patient facing teams with innovative IT solutions that enable a much better patient experience”

Aileen Fundora
Director of Human Resources

“Great things happen with passion, drive, focus and support. My passion is to help people find their purpose and motivate them to be happy and healthy.”

Gloria I. San Miguel
Regional Director

“Together, we are positively changing the lives of our patients by providing quality healthcareThat’s why I’m proud to be part of the Sanitas team.”

Our history

Colsanitas is born in 1980 along with our health care facilities

We started in Colombia as an insurance company bringing innovative products for both private and public markets. Later in the 1990s, we developed a robust infrastructure of hospitals, medical centers, lab, dental and vision centers to improve access to care for our members. We have strived to provide outstanding and compassionate care and service, every step along the way. Beyond modern facilities, we believe in creating places that have life…that have a soul…and that are closer to our patients. Providing health care that’s personalized and not indifferent…health care that’s kind and treats patients with dignity, and health care with the highest quality standards.

Hispanic markets expansion starts in 1994

After successfully growing and perfecting our health care model in Colombia, we started an expansion plan that led us to begin operations in Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Mexico. We proudly serve close to 3 million members and patients and have operations in more than 800 cities. We also believe in developing and nurturing the next generation of health care professionals, a reason why we founded our own university. Focused on the health and well being of our members and communities, we continue to elevate the state of healthcare in the countries where we have presence through technological, social and organizational innovation while generating employment, wealth and quality of life.

In 2014 we start our journey in the United States

Our bold expansion plan builds upon our substantial presence in South America to enter the United States market through a strategic alliance with GuideWell, a leading a health solutions organization focused on transforming healthcare. The organization includes Florida Blue (Florida’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan). In our first year, we opened three medical centers serving the Miami-Dade County under the Sanitas brand. These medical centers offer primary care, select specialty care, urgent care, laboratory, and diagnostic services. By 2017 we have grown to eleven locations, nine in Florida in partnership with GuideWell and two Locations in Connecticut in partnership with ConnectiCare and GuideWell


Proporcionar servicios de atención médica de la más alta calidad, contribuyendo a mejorar la salud y el bienestar de las diversas comunidades a las que brindamos nuestros servicios.


Convertirnos en la empresa líder del sector salud por nuestra atención médica integral de alta calidad, por ser culturalmente relevantes en las comunidades en las que brindamos servicios y por tener el equipo de profesionales idóneos y con un profundo sentido humano que siempre estarán aplicados a la realización de programas de salud centrados en el paciente y su familia.



Tratamos de manera digna a todas las personas de las diversas comunidades en las que brindamos servicios, incluyendo pacientes, familias y grupos de interés.


Mantenemos los más altos estándares de profesionalismo, ética, responsabilidad personal, credibilidad y confianza.


Ofrecemos los mejores resultados y los más altos estándares de calidad para cada paciente a través de la dedicación de cada miembro del equipo.


Hacemos que la organización crezca y se fortalezca al fomentar el aprendizaje, la creatividad y la resolución de problemas, así como al infundir la cultura con un sentido de colaboración y apoyo mutuo.


Trabajamos para exceder las expectativas de nuestros pacientes y sus familias al tratarlos con sensibilidad y empatía, mientras les brindamos atención médica integral y de alta calidad.


Sentido colectivo de colaboración y apoyo como parte de nuestra comunidad y sin diferenciación alguna, teniendo en cuenta el valor de cada una de las personas.


Sanitas Medical Centers en el Condado Osceola junto a Florida Blue

Sanitas Medical Centers in Osceola County with Florida Blue

April 15, 2019
Sanitas opening network of medical centers in New Jersey
NJBIZ:The State's Definitive Voice of Business News

Sanitas, a leading multinational health business group In the U.S., Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Mexico, now has a new presence in Union City.

December 18, 2018
Sanitas Medical Center brings eight fully bilingual medical facilities to Central Florida

New medical centers offer $0 copays for primary care doctor visits, mobile and online doctor chats for all Florida Blue members 

October 31, 2018
Sanitas to open first NJ center in collaboration with Horizon BCBSNJ
NJBIZ: New Jersey's leading business journal


Sanitas Medical Center, an independent health care organization, will open the first of three medical centers in New Jersey on Monday during a ribbon cutting ceremony in collaboration with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

May 22, 2018
Sanitas Medical Center, in Collaboration with Horizon BCBS, Opens in Belleville

Belleville is home to a new multiservice Sanitas Medical Center. The center is the second of three new facilities expected to be opened in New Jersey resulting from phase one of the collaboration between Sanitas and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon).

May 18, 2018
International health organization reimagining health care in the U.S. is expanding in Belleville, NJ, in collaboration with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Sanitas opens its second medical center in New Jersey, bringing its family centered, culturally relevant and preventive focused primary care model to members of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ).

May 18, 2018
Sanitas opening network of medical centers in New Jersey
NJBIZ: New Jersey's leading business journal

Sanitas, a leading multinational health business group In the U.S., Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Mexico, now has a new presence in Union City.

May 18, 2018
New Sanitas Medical Centers Opening In New Jersey

New Sanitas Medical Centers, known for their innovative and culturally relevant primary care model, are opening throughout the state of New Jersey. In total, three centers are slotted for opening in early 2018.

December 27, 2017