Sanitas Southeast
Juan Estrada, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer

“I’m proud to work with an amazing team who focuses on preventive care and improving the quality of life of our patients and their families.”

Carlos Montoya, M.D.
VP Healthcare Services

“I believe it’s good medicine to help patients learn ways to prevent disease before it occurs—not just treat them when they’re ill. At Sanitas we do both.” 

Raul Daza, M.D.
Regional Medical Director

“It is a gift to have the opportunity to care for patients. Helping them lead healthier and therefore happier lives.”

Lina Agamez
Director of Operations

“At Sanitas medical centers we speak our patient’s language. Everything we do, every service we provide, revolves around our patients and their families.” 

Aileen Fundora
Director of Human Resources

“Great things happen with passion, drive, focus and support. My passion is to help people find their purpose and motivate them to be happy and healthy.”

Cecilia Lorenzo, BSHA, CHP
Director of Risk & Compliance

“We view health care holistically, including social and emotional factors, so patients get whatever they need. That makes Sanitas unique.”

Sanitas Northeast
Andrew Granas, MD
Regional Medical Director

“Focusing on patient health helps ensure economic success for Sanitas. That mindset helps us attract more companies to collaborate with.”

Sanitas Southwest
Mark Strickland
Chief Executive Officer

“There’s no other company in US health care that combines our global perspective with strong regional and local presence to benefit patients.”

Adriana Higuera, MD
Regional Medical Director

“Every day we are focused on finding different ways to develop and perfect health care programs that satisfy the needs of our patients.”

Sanitas USA
Iván Javier Murcia Muñoz, M.D.
Healthcare Services Director

“It’s exciting to leverage my experience and knowledge of worldwide health care systems as we implement our delivery model here in the U.S.”

Carlos Cruz, MD
Commercial Vice President

“With a consistent focus on passion, compassion and humanism, Sanitas can succeed in bringing our proven medical model to the US market.”

Alberto M. Ospina
Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development

“Sanitas perfectly fits the needs of patients in the US. Our expansion here as a major benefit for multigenerational and multicultural families.”

Johanna G. Garcia Lissa
Vice-President of Operations & Information Technology

“I bring the perspective of engineering and IT to Sanitas. Patients may not encounter me personally, but they benefit from my work every day.”

Adriana Rivera-Montoya
Legal, Risk / Compliance Counsel

“As leaders in comprehensive health services, we’re proud to be recognized for our human, scientific, technical and ethical approach.”

Our history
Colsanitas is born in 1980 along with our health care facilities

We started in Colombia as an insurance company bringing innovative products for both private and public markets. Later in the 1990s, we developed a robust infrastructure of hospitals, medical centers, lab, dental and vision centers to improve access to care for our members. We have strived to provide outstanding and compassionate care and service, every step along the way. Beyond modern facilities, we believe in creating places that have life…that have a soul…and that are closer to our patients. Providing health care that’s personalized and not indifferent…health care that’s kind and treats patients with dignity, and health care with the highest quality standards.

Hispanic markets expansion starts in 1994

After successfully growing and perfecting our health care model in Colombia, we started an expansion plan that led us to begin operations in Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Mexico. We proudly serve close to 3 million members and patients and have operations in more than 800 cities. We also believe in developing and nurturing the next generation of health care professionals, a reason why we founded our own university. Focused on the health and well being of our members and communities, we continue to elevate the state of healthcare in the countries where we have presence through technological, social and organizational innovation while generating employment, wealth and quality of life.

In 2014 we start our journey in the United States

Our bold expansion plan builds upon our substantial presence in South America to enter the United States market through a strategic alliance with GuideWell, a leading a health solutions organization focused on transforming healthcare. The organization includes Florida Blue (Florida’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan). In our first year, we opened three medical centers serving the Miami-Dade County under the Sanitas brand. These medical centers offer primary care, select specialty care, urgent care, laboratory, and diagnostic services. By 2017 we have grown to eleven locations, nine in Florida in partnership with GuideWell and two Locations in Connecticut in partnership with ConnectiCare and GuideWell


To provide the highest quality of care and improve the health and well-being of the diverse communities we serve.


To become the leading brand for high quality, comprehensive and culturally relevant medical care in the communities we serve, through convenience, compassion and programs centered on patients and their families.


We are part of our community, with a strong sense of mutual collaboration and support, and with a special regard for every individual.


We work to exceed our patients’ expectations for a total care experience by treating them with sensitivity and empathy while providing the highest quality medical care.


We deliver the best outcomes and highest standards of quality to every patient we serve through dedication and, accountability by every team member.


We treat everyone with dignity in the diverse communities we serve including patients, families and stakeholders.

Truth and Honesty

We maintain the highest standard of professionalism, work, ethics, responsibility, transparency and trust at all times.


We provide services that are needed without discrimination, considering others’ point of view while building trust through honesty and transparency.

BlueCross, Sanitas Partner to Open Primary Care Medical Centers
Sanitas Medical Centers

New partnership will expand access to care and enhance the patient experience for Middle Tennessee and Memphis-area BlueCross members
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee is continuing its primary care enhancement efforts by forming a joint venture with Sanitas, a Keralty company, to open eight primary care medical centers in Middle and West Tennessee. 

February 20, 2020
Why Hospitals Should Fear Blue Cross Primary Care Centers

Why Hospitals Should Fear Blue Cross Primary Care Centers

April 18, 2019
Sanitas Medical Centers in Osceola County with Florida Blue

Sanitas Medical Center Kissimmee inaugurated the new Sanitas network in Osceola County. Osceola County is now home for three new Sanitas Medical Centers focused on providing multicultural and fully bilingual services to Hispanic patients.

April 15, 2019
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas and Sanitas USA to Open Medical Centers in Dallas and Houston

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas and Sanitas USA to Open Medical Centers in Dallas and Houston 

April 8, 2019
Big Blue Cross Plans To Open Primary Care Clinics In Texas And Beyond

Big Blue Cross Plans To Open Primary Care Clinics In Texas And Beyond

April 8, 2019
Sanitas opening network of medical centers in New Jersey
NJBIZ:The State's Definitive Voice of Business News

Sanitas, a leading multinational health business group In the U.S., Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Mexico, now has a new presence in Union City.

December 18, 2018
8 Sanitas Medical Centers to open in Central Florida

Florida Blue members in Orlando will soon have exclusive access to fully-bilingual medical facilities that offer unlimited no-copay-primary care doctor visits and online chats with doctors.

November 5, 2018
Sanitas Medical Center brings eight fully bilingual medical facilities to Central Florida

New medical centers offer $0 copays for primary care doctor visits, mobile and online doctor chats for all Florida Blue members 

October 31, 2018