Thalia Ayra, APRN
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
Thalia Ayra, APRN
Location(s): Coral Way, FL
Also speaks: Spanish
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  • Family Nurse Practitioner: Florida National University, Miami, Florida
Board certifications
  • The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners National Certification Board
About me

Sanitas is a great family-oriented medical center. As a family nurse practitioner here, I’m focused on my patients’ best health outcomes. My patients can be comfortable communicating with me in either English or Spanish. A good day at work is when I see a patient make improvements since our first visit.  

Like others, I made many sacrifices to accomplish my dreams, but they were worth it. I chose medicine as a career because I wanted to serve the community, impact lives through teaching, and to be able to prevent and treat diseases. Born in Cuba, I came to the U.S. in 2009 in hopes of a better future––with freedom and opportunity. Miami is now my home.  

In my free time, I enjoy dancing, working out, watching Netflix, and enjoying dinner with friends and family. When I have time for mini-trips, I travel to the West Coast to watch the sunsets. 

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