Astrid Marie Gonzalez, MD
Family Medicine
Astrid Marie Gonzalez, MD
Also speaks: Spanish
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  • Family Medicine Residency: Manati Medical Center, Manati, PR
  • Medical school: Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Board certifications
  • American Board of Family Medicine
About me

As a doctor at Sanitas, my patients are my priority and I love taking care of them. They can communicate with me in either Spanish or English, whichever is easiest. Fulfilling patients’ needs and having time to dedicate to their treatments, conditions and progress all make for a good day at work. 

I grew up on the west coast of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez. Because of my love of taking care of people, I chose a career in medicine. We moved to the U.S. for my husband’s fellowship and now live in Doral, Florida.  

When I take off my coat, enjoy exercising and love spending time with my kids and family. 

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