What is SanitasCare?

SanitasCare is a direct primary care membership at Sanitas Medical Centers. Direct primary care is about bringing access, affordability and quality to your healthcare experience.

High-quality Primary Care

Each doctor takes the time to focus on your needs—whether it be for preventive health or managing chronic conditions. Get most of your healthcare in one place including select labs and imaging.

Upfront and Affordable Pricing

You pay one low monthly fee for the services included in your membership. If there is an extra cost for a service that is not included, you will know the cost before moving forward.

Unlimited Doctor Access

Get office visits or virtual care as often as you need. Easily schedule appointments by phone or online. Or get quick answers through the secure mySanitas app.

Personalized Care

Count on doctors you can trust. We’ll listen to your needs and focus on your health. Together, we’ll find the solutions that fit your life and your situation.

Care that Goes Beyond

Enjoy Sanitas health and wellness coaching and events. As your partner in health, your care at Sanitas extends beyond your appointments.

Access at Every Sanitas Location

Access care at any center in your state.  With compassionate providers and care team members, you'll be well cared for.

Available to Everyone

Get primary care regardless of your current health condition, age, citizenship or immigration status.

Medication Discounts

Find medication discounts at pharmacies near you through our digital pharmacy partnership.

Membership Fees

Our commitment to SanitasCare members is transparent pricing. You will not be blindsided by unexpected medical bills.

SanitasCare membership is currently available in Florida only. 

Employer rates are available to provide personalized healthcare to your employees. Call 1-866-586-9495 or email us for more information.


The care you deserve,
at a price you can afford.

Medical care designed with you in mind!

Available to everyone, regardless of current health condition, citizenship or immigration status.

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Still have questions? Talk to us to find out if Sanitas Care is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

SanitasCare is not health insurance. It is a Direct Primary Care membership at Sanitas Medical Centers meaning we contract directly with you to provide primary care services for a low monthly fee, much like a gym membership

We do encourage our members to have at least a major medical plan, and preferably a health savings account (HSA), if they are able. We do not have insurance agents on staff, but we are happy to refer you to one.

Absolutely not! SanitasCare is a direct primary care membership. One of the main goals is to make primary care more accessible to people without health insurance.

SanitasCare is not insurance. We recommend that members still carry at least some type of major medical plan or catastrophic insurance. We do not have insurance agents on staff, but we are happy to refer you to one.

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is a model that provides care to patients without including a third-party payer. The patient pays the doctor a monthly retainer, or membership fee, instead. The pricing is clear, no hidden fees, copays or coinsurance charges for services that are included in the membership.

You can become a member regardless of your current health condition, age, gender, citizenship or immigration status.

Our goal is to keep members as healthy as possible with improved access to affordable primary care. Our providers and care teams devote time to educate on prevention and lifestyle.

Most unexpected visits to the emergency room or urgent care that would have emptied your pocket can easily be covered in a same-day appointment, mySanitas app interaction or phone call with the doctor, often saving you enough to justify the cost of one year of membership!

Absolutely not! There are no pre-existing condition exclusions and there are no increases in the membership fee based upon prior health history. In fact, those with chronic medical conditions are often the members who receive the most significant benefit of our services.

The SanitasCare membership fee covers access to primary, preventive, and urgent care services to help you manage ongoing health conditions. Some situations may trigger extra costs (such as labs and vaccines outside of those included and more complicated services.) The SanitasCare care team will help you navigate any expenses you might incur.

Your monthly membership fee covers: 

  • Unlimited primary care in person or telehealth visits, with same or next day availability
  • Urgent care center visits up to two times each calendar year
  • Select in-office basic labs, diagnostics and procedures including but not limited to EKGs, X-rays, ultrasounds, urinalysis, repair of minor lacerations, abscess drainage and strep tests.*
  • Annual flu shot at no additional cost 
  • Comprehensive primary care services including pre-op exams, diabetes management, hypertension management, wellness planning, weight management, comprehensive physical exam, smoking cessation, and chronic illness management
  • 7 day a week availability to communicate with the doctor by phone and secure messaging

Our commitment to SanitasCare members is to have transparent pricing. Members may be responsible for costs related to some routine vaccinations, labs, and imaging. Medication costs are a member's responsibility. The SanitasCare care team will help you navigate any expenses you might incur.

If we recommend external services, we try to find a reasonable self-pay price if you don’t have insurance that can be billed.

If you require medications, we’ll work with you to find the most affordable prices to get your prescription filled.

*See here the listing of services covered through our membership agreement or by calling/visiting a medical center.

As a SanitasCare member, we will not bill your insurance company for any services covered by your membership. Medicare beneficiaries are not eligible for SanitasCare.

We can order additional lab work, testing, and imaging and send referrals for Florida patients who have Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. We will also work diligently at completing prior authorizations when one is required. If we aren’t already contracted with your insurance company, it is best to check with your specific insurance plan to determine how seeing an out-of-network doctor will affect these things.

It’s easy – schedule a visit either online or call in and come into the office at your scheduled time. You also have the option to do a televisit as an alternative for a quick checkup or if you’re sick at home and would prefer not to come in.

While we offer offer visits the same or next day to our members, we do need to schedule all appointments (in person or telehealth) in advance. All you need to do is give us a call, or a send us a text message through our secure app, to set up your next appointment.

If you need immediate care, you can also visit one of our Sanitas Urgent Care locationstwo urgent care visit per calendar year are included in your SanitasCare membership.

In the age of technology, many conditions can be diagnosed and treated through a simple conversation by phone, email or text messaging through our secure mySanitas app. If necessary, we’ll locate the nearest pharmacy, and will order the most appropriate medications for your case.

If you’re traveling near one of our other Sanitas Medical Center locations in another county or state, you can also use your membership to receive in person care at that location.

SanitasCare does not provide coverage outside of services provided in the membership and the services included in the membership are only ones performed with Sanitas Medical Center providers. This is why we recommend that all SanitasCare members have at least a high-deductible insurance plan for unexpected and catastrophic events, such as surgery, emergency room visit, or hospitalization.

Always try to talk to us first before you seek external care but call 911 in case of an emergency. Often, it’s something we can take care of saving you the time and money of having to go elsewhere.

If you’re admitted into the hospital, the hospitalist doctors will be the ones taking care of you in the hospital. If needed, your doctor will be happy to be a source of information to the hospital doctors and help coordinate your care in the hospital. And we’ll be ready to assist with your outpatient care when you get out.

Absolutely! We are happy to accept the children. We can provide all standard child health care services, including annual physical exams, sick child healthcare (sore throats), and chronic disease control asthma, allergies, etc.

At this time, we only offer the seasonal flu shot (based on availability) as part of your membership. For vaccines not covered by the monthly fee, we offer significant discounts.

You may sign up at any time online or by calling 1-866-586-9495. There is a one-time enrollment fee per person.

When you enroll, you will be able to select your preferred frequency to pay your membership fee—choose monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually. 

You can pay online using your credit or debit card.

We do allow for re-enrollment after cancellation, but you will be treated as a patient signing up for the first time. All enrollment paperwork must be completed, and you will be charged the enrollment fee again.

We operate and have doctors licensed in the states of Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Texas. We cannot practice medicine in other states.

If a member establishes care in person, we can provide problem monitoring over the phone or the Internet for some time. Some care (visits due to illness, etc.) must be provided in person, so we do not recommend people to join our plan unless they can visit us in person regularly.

Yes, but you never know what the future holds for your health, so we always suggest joining for a full membership to take advantage of the comprehensive services and to get ahead of any problems that may pop up.

If you aren’t sure if a membership is right for you, whether it be financial, for your health, or otherwise, you can always schedule a consultation with us to help you work through your decision. You can call 1-866-586-9495 or email us at help.care@mysanitas.com



A healthy employee is a happy and more productive employee. SanitasCare membership ensures your employees (and their families) get preventive care and same day urgent care access, as well as discounted lab and medications. This decreases sick leave while also improving employee satisfaction, recruitment, and retention.

To learn more and get quoted for group rates, call 1-866-586-9495 or email groups.care@mysanitas.com.

* These services must be deemed medically necessary and ordered by a Sanitas provider to be covered under the SanitasCare membership at no additional cost.

See here the listing of services covered through our membership agreement.

THIS IS NOT HEALTH INSURANCE. Sanitas Medical Center will not file any claims against the patient’s health insurance policy or plan for reimbursement of any primary care services covered by the Sanitas Care membership agreement. Sanitas Care does not qualify as minimum essential coverage to satisfy the individual shared responsibility provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 26 U.S.C. s. 5000A. Sanitas Care is not workers’ compensation insurance and does not replace an employer’s obligations.