Yanna Maggio, MD
Family Medicine
Yanna Maggio, MD
Location(s): Kendall, FL
Also speaks: Spanish
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  • Bachelor of Science, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
  • University of Medicine & Health Sciences, St. Kitts
About me

I was born in Camaguey, Cuba. At the age of six, my family and I moved to Jerusalem where we lived for almost five years. I came to the United States in 2001 when I was eleven years old. Living in different countries and learning about diverse cultures has taught me to work well with my colleagues. In addition, my multicultural background allows me to understand my patients better and to work with them to achieve their health goals.

I decided to go into medicine because I grew up watching my father dedicating his life to medicine, which sparked my passion to become a doctor. For me, this field is very rewarding as I have the opportunity to make an impact in my community.

A good day at work means making a difference in my patient’s lives. I enjoy sitting with my patients and educating them about their health conditions, I like to answer their questions, and ultimately coming up with a plana of care together.

I want you to know that at Sanitas, we will do everything in our reach for you and your family to receive the best quality of care.

When I take off my coat, I am a mother and a wife. My absolute favorite thing to do is spending quality time with my family. I also enjoy going to church, the beach, and the movies. I am a great advocate for maintaining a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and physical activity. I love outdoor running, dancing, and yoga.

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