Reinaldo Hernandez-Loy, MD
Family Medicine
Reinaldo Hernandez-Loy, MD
Location(s): Kendall, FL
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  • Family Medicine. University of Puerto Rico
Board certifications
  • American Board of Family Medicine
About me

At Sanitas, my patients receive outstanding medical care. My team and I are eager to help them and treat them as family in an environment that will make them feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. I like developing a close relationship with my patients, getting to know them well, educating them and following the improvement of their health. I'm very satisfied when I've had a positive impact in my patients’ lives.

I was born in Cuba and graduated from Medical School in 1991. I decided on a career in medicine because of my passion to help and improve the quality of life of my patients and their families. I had the great experience of living in Chile for about 8 years and practicing family medicine there. Now, I’m thrilled to have completed training in the U.S. and to be working as a family medicine doctor here in Miami, Florida.

When I take off my coat, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I also like to exercise. For me there is nothing like swimming; it’s a great workout that uses the entire body.

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