Manuel Martinez, MD
General Practice
Manuel Martinez, MD
Location(s): North Miami, FL
Also speaks: Spanish
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  • Internship Program: Hospital Auxilio Mutuo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Medical School: Universidad Iberoamericana, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
About me

At Sanitas, I strive to provide personalized, compassionate and patient-centered care in an efficient and timely manner, which is the key for good healthcare delivery. Being bilingual is a big plus in making patients comfortable, so they can more easily tell me about their health. I’ve had a great day at work when my patient's health issues and concerns, whether physical or mental, have been addressed. But what really makes my day is when my patients recognize and appreciate the care I give and tell me they feel better. 

I was born in Cuba and moved with my family to Venezuela when I was 13. Then, I moved to Miami––the place I’ve called home for more than 30 years. In my college days, I became interested in how the human body works and why people got sick. I chose to go into the medical field when I realized that doctors could make a difference in peoples' lives by treating them with dignity and respect, and by teaching them about their illness and how to prevent disease. 

When I’m at home, I enjoy my family and friends, and I also like bike riding, racquet ball, jogging and traveling. 

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