Adrian Artiles, MD
Internal Medicine
Adrian Artiles, MD
Also speaks: Spanish
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  • Bachelor of Biology, Florida International University, Miami, FL
  • Ross University School of Medicine
  • Residency: Florida Atlantic University
About me

Like the healthcare team at Sanitas, I believe that putting the patient first is the key to excellent healthcare—and I make sure it's patient-centered care. It's a good day at work when my patients return with improved health. I decided to go into medicine because caring for others and helping them to maintain or improve their health status is one of my life’s passions.

After my parents immigrated from Cuba, I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Though Spanish is my first language, I do speak English fluently as well. I grew up in a very tight-knit family that extended beyond my immediate one. During my educational journey, I had the opportunity to live in the Caribbean for two years, an experience that has been very meaningful for me.

When not in my doctor role, I enjoy spending time with my family and tracking the weather. I almost became a meteorologist when I was in college!

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