6 tips to cope with anxiety and stress during coronavirus

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6 tips to cope with anxiety and stress during coronavirus

It is very common to feel stressed or anxious during this uncertain time. None of us know when we will be able to return to work or back to our normal daily activities. At this moment, social distancing is essential, but it also important to know how to manage it. 

At Sanitas, we take your care to heart and want to help you feel better. Remind yourself on a daily basis that what we are experiencing now is a temporary situation. Throughout this quarantine we may feel alone, but we are more united than ever as we fight COVID-19. One of our medical professionals has put together these 6 tips that can help you in dealing with the anxiety and stress that is being caused by this outbreak.

1. Reduce the amount of daily news you consume 

It is natural to want to watch the news to find out when this quarantine will end, but it is best to reduce the amount of time you spend watching the news and reading coronavirus-related social media posts. Although it is important to stay up to date, being exposed to this information constantly will only increase your stress. 

2. Keep as much of your regular daily routine as possible

We all had a daily routine before the pandemic, and not having one disrupts our lives. Try to keep the same routine you had before. Wake up at the same time you woke up for work or school, get dressed as if you were leaving your home, and keep your same eating schedule. This will help you sleep better and to maintain a healthy diet.

3. Remember to take care of yourself

It is important that you do not let yourself go. Motivate yourself by dressing up as if you were going outside versus spending the entire day in pajamas. If you wore makeup on a daily basis, continue doing so. If you worked out at a gym, try working out at home. Continue doing the activities you like the most.

4. Relax doing mindfulness exercises

There are several apps and online videos that can help you relax by doing breathing exercises or helping you meditate. These exercises will help you to take control of the levels of anxiety and stress by reducing them. Try repeating a motivational phrase as soon as you wake up every morning as it will help you to go through the day. Keep in mind that this pandemic is only temporary. 

5. Take advantage of outdoor space

If you have an outdoor space at home, make the most of it. Go outside and read, write, paint, or even try eating your meals there. Being outdoors will make you feel relaxed, happy, and forget about the news.  

6. Connect with your family and friends

There is nothing better than talking to the people you love over video during this time. Try talking about your concerns, fears, dreams and share what you would like to do when this pandemic is over. Confide in those that can help support you through this situation. Remember that they are going through the same thing. It is important to talk and to ask for help if you need it. 

Today and every day, the care and safety of our patients and team members are our number one priority. We will continue to work tirelessly to put things into place that will keep you safe. The Sanitas team thanks you for trusting us in putting your health first.

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