Patricia Cabrera, MD
Family Medicine
Patricia Cabrera, MD
Location(s): Miami Lakes, FL
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  • Family Medicine: Hanford Community Hospital, Loma Linda Rural Track, Hanford, CA
Board certifications
  • American Board certification in Family Medicine
About me

As a doctor at Sanitas, I see each one of my patients as a unique human being. My approach to medicine is personalized to the unique needs of my patients and their families. It's also one of the main reasons why I spend more time with my patients than the average medical staff does. A good day at work starts with a big cup of coffee and ends with the satisfaction that I got to know my patients better, continued building strong relationships with them, and helped them get healthier.

I’m originally from El Salvador. I did my residency training in California and moved to Florida to work at Sanitas. I believe medicine is a very noble profession. It’s a career that allows me to help patients, bring them comfort and, in some instances, save their lives. It is very gratifying and rewarding in terms of the joy it gives me.

When I take off my coat, I love exploring new places—especially outdoor places where I can take my bike. I've started exploring Florida from the south end in Key West and have other neat places on my list. 

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