SilverSneakers® Class: Brains and Balance Past 60
Event description

This fascinating class series operates on two premises: 

  1. Specific balance exercises can reduce the risk of falling
  2. We should train the brain as we train our skeletal muscles: with progressive resistance, different types of challenges and appropriate overload.

The SilverSneakers classes are designed to help you take control of your health through a variety of physical and wellness activities. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your health through fitness!

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Jorge Laza, Medical Massage Therapist
Jorge Laza, Medical Massage Therapist

Jorge Laza graduated from The University of  Havanna Cuba in 1995 as a Physical Therapist and in 2010 he became a Medical Massage Therapist at The Praxes Institute in Florida. He is also certified in Neuro Muscular, Lymphatic Drainage, and Sport Massage Therapy. 

Growing up, his passion has always been working with the ederly patients and helping them maintain an active lifestyle. As a MMT, he has over 10 years of experience. He shows and plays a big role in our patient’s life style by treating them with the correct and ideal therapy.  His long-term satisfaction is patient’s well-being.

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