Free Online Class: Lifestyle Changes for Diabetes

Date: September 23 Hour: 9:30 am - 10:30 am (ET)
Free Online Class: Lifestyle Changes for Diabetes
Event description

Changes in lifestyle determine the impact of the chronic conditions and quality of life of people who suffer it.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • How to improve your overall health
  • How to lower your blood sugar levels
  • How to decrease your chance of a heart attack or stroke
  • And more!

Don't miss this opportunity to chat with an expert about modifications you can make to your lifestyle to improve your health!


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Event information

Domingo Rodriguez, RN-BSN
Domingo Rodriguez, RN-BSN

Domingo is a Lifestyle Coach Certificate from Solera Health, Inc. and he is also licensed as Zumba Instructor from Zumba Fitness, LLC.

Domingo has been working in Sanitas Medical Center with Care Programs for Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic patients. He loves to take care of people's health, teaching them how they should do to maintain a better control in medications, glucose control at home, nutrition, and exercise routine. His passion is teaching and taking care of his patients.

Free Online Class: Lifestyle Changes for Diabetes