Free Doctor Chat: Diabetes Essentials and Care

Date: November 14 Hour: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Event description

In this FREE online chat, Dr. Pascual will cover all the essential topics that a diabetic should know to effectively manage diabetes. Main topics include:

  • The types of diabetes
  • Diagnosing diabetes
  • Strategies to manage diabetes

Don’t miss this opportunity to ask questions about your health directly to a Doctor!

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Event information

Aaron Pascual, M.D.

Dr. Pascual is a Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor at Sanitas Medical Centers.

He completed his medical training in Family medicine at Duke University/Southern Regional AHEC. As a Family Medicine Specialist, he provides care patients with simple to complex medical issues such as diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, cancer screening, and other health issues.

Dr. Pascual has years of experience understanding and treating health conditions and he believes in the importance of connecting with patients on a deeper level and becoming their health advocate.