Rachel Vallejo, MD
Rachel Vallejo, MD
Family Medicine
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About me
I was born and raised in Miami, FL. My parents are Cuban and I identify with both cultures equally. Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the idea of managing a disease and determining the underlying cause. The best days at work are when I see how a patient has greatly improved from a chronic disease with my guidance. I take extra time to ensure I answer all the questions or address concerns my patients might have. I love to be thorough in my evaluations of patients’ health and to let them know I’m committed to their overall wellbeing. At Sanitas, we have everything needed to provide top-notch, unrivaled care. We pride ourselves on great comments from patients who find us genuinely passionate towards good health. When I’m not working, I spend quality time with my husband and son. They mean the whole world to me. When I’m not working or having a nice time with my family, I engage myself with yoga, reading, singing or dancing.