Muhammad Majid Nazim, MD
Family Medicine
Muhammad Majid Nazim, MD
Location(s): Mesquite, TX
Also speaks: Urdu
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  • Family Medicine program: LSU Shreveport, Alexandria, LA
  • Medical school: Dow Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan
Board certifications
  • American Board of Family Medicine
About me

As a doctor at Sanitas, patients are priority. My team and I take time with each one to get to know them and care for them like family. I really appreciate the cards and complimentary remarks from my patients. It’s very rewarding when I see positive outcomes of my interventions for my patients.  

I was born in Pakistan, and raised on an island and a naval hub nearby. Since childhood, I wanted to go into medicine because I was intrigued by the most complex machine on the planet—the human. A fan of TV serials "Knight Rider", "Air Wolf" and "Star Trek" as a kid, I dreamt of America. Pursuit of advanced medical education brought me to the U.S. I lived in Louisiana for 22 years and feel like a naturalized Cajun. I speak both Urdu and English, and my friends tell me that I now have a good Southern accent.  

My favorite hobby is astronomy and space, and I own a good sized Dobsonian reflector telescope. I like to learn about modern innovations at the International Space Station, Mars and other planet missions and beyond. I also like to relax with more down-to-earth activities like fishing, hunting, jet skiing, boating, kayaking and barbecuing. 


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