Mary Villar-Zamora, MD
Family Medicine
Mary Villar-Zamora, MD
Location(s): Kendall, FL
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  • Medicine: Spartan Health Science University, St. Lucia, West Indies
  • Medical Intern: HIMA San Pablo Caguas, Caguas, PR
  • Family Medicine Resident: Westchester General Hospital, Miami, FL
About me

I was born and raised in Cuba, and that experience with their collapsing healthcare system made me realize just how important medicine is. I immigrated to the U.S. in 2006. I chose to pursue a career in medicine to help my patients live a better life through my care and compassion. 

A good day at work for me is when I can provide the best quality care for my patients through my knowledge and skills in the healthcare field. 

At Sanitas, we focus on building relationships and communication. We want to get the diagnosis right the first time and do everything we can to make you feel confident and safe while in our care. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time my family, reading, helping my daughter with her homework, and watching a good series on TV. 


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