Mark Dam M.D.
Internal Medicine
Mark Dam M.D.
Location(s): Bridgeport, CT
  • Medical School: University of Granada
About me

I spent most of my life in Alaska before falling in love with my wife who taught me Spanish and convinced me to move to Spain where I studied medicine. Growing up, I was surrounded by positive role models in the medical community. Most notably, my Sunday school teacher was a doctor, and he inspired me to pursue a career helping others through medicine. I approach every new patient as a friend to get to know as I develop care plans that will fit their needs.

A good day at work for me means that I have done the best for my patients.

At Sanitas, we care about the people we're caring for and provide the best quality care they can find. I've known Sanitas for over 25 years when they started in Latin America and I'm excited to work for them in the United States.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, along with sail boating and woodworking.