Lilian Moya, APRN
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
Lilian Moya, APRN
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  • Nursing bachelors: Cuba Superior Medical Institute
  • Masters in Science of Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner: South university, Savanah, Georgia
About me

I was born in Cuba but moved to the U.S. 11 years ago in search of better opportunities. I am fluent in Spanish having grown up in a Spanish-speaking household and enjoy speaking it as often as I can.

Going into medicine was almost destiny for me as most people in my family are in the field in one way or another. I have always enjoyed helping people and becoming the next doctor in my family seemed like the perfect opportunity to help care for people.

A good day at work for me is when everything runs smoothly. Whenever I get to see all of my patients and perform my job to the fullest, I am happy.

At Sanitas, we offer comprehensive care, and we can provide patients with pretty much everything they need under one roof. This makes life easier for the patients and the staff can also perform a better job because of it.

In my free time, I enjoy spending the afternoon on the beach, going to the gym and traveling. I especially enjoy traveling to Europe and Latin America. I always enjoy spending time with family too.

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