Idania Hurtado, M.D.
Family Medicine
Idania Hurtado, M.D.
  • Family Medicine: Ellis Hospital: Schenectady, New York.
  • Nephrology: Nephrology Institute, Havana City, Cuba
  • Master in Pediatric Nephrologist: Pediatric Hospital Centro Havana, Havana City, Cuba
Board certifications
  • American Board of Family Medicine
About me

I knew I wanted to become a doctor since childhood. My father and brother are doctors, so I had a miniature lab at home as a child, played as a nurse with kids medical tools.

I was born in Havana City, Cuba and moved to USA in 2004. Growing up, I learned from my family and their great stories around helping their patients and the joy that it gave them.

I was a physician and Nephrologist in Cuba and also worked in Venezuela as a family physician.

I love to interact with my patients, get to know and understand them better. I love to hear happy stories like “because of you, I stopped smoking, I lost weight….” I feel of sense of achievement when I educate them on lifestyle changes that truly impact their health on the long run.

Sanitas is so full of caring and passionate doctors. We have everything we need to deliver the best care possible. We can take care of acute problems in one visit.

When I’m not working, I spend some quality time with my family, especially my daughter. We make dessert together and decorate our home. I love photography, traveling and visiting museums. I also practice what I preach. As exercise, I love cycling.