Charles A. Lascano, M.D, CAQSM

Specialty Sports Medicine & Family Medicine

Family Medicine: John Peter Smith Hospital. Fort Worth, TX. Sports Medicine: Univ. of Kansas School of Med. (Wichita) SM Fellowship at Via Christi Health

Board certifications Board certification in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine
About me

I was born in the US and raised in my parents’ home country, Colombia. I always wanted to become a physician because I wanted the knowledge and skills to save lives and improve the quality of health of people around me.

I’m board-certified in two specialties: Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. I like that this training lets me handle all kinds of medical problems, care for a wide range of patients, and track their outcomes. Because I’ve practiced sports all my life, I relate well with people who are physically active. I’ve also written and presented many research papers in the field of sports medicine.

I measure success from the perspective of my patients: when they leave my office satisfied and happy with my service, I know I was able to do good things for them. That’s how I define a good day. When a new patient comes to Sanitas I want them to know they’ll receive a variety of integrated services combining great medical knowledge and high-level human quality.

In my free time, I like going to the beach to relax and share the time with my loved ones.