Barbara Maday Calderon Izquierdo, MD
Family Medicine
Barbara Maday Calderon Izquierdo, MD
Location(s): Citrus Park, FL
Also speaks: Spanish
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  • Family Medicine Residency: Higher Institute of Medical Sciences of Habana, Cuba
  • Medical School: Doctor of Medicine, Higher Institute of Medical Sciences of Habana, Habana, Cuba
About me

At Sanitas, my patients receive dedicated care and attention to help them feel better and be well. They can communicate comfortably with me in either Spanish or English. A good day at work is being able to help my patients, finding the right diagnosis for their illnesses, giving prompt and high-quality care, and for all of them to do well. 

I was born and raised in Cuba, where I studied to become a doctor and family medicine specialist. As early as elementary school, I developed a love for science and became interested in medicine. I knew it was the job for me—I wanted to help people. Respectful and supportive of others, I love to be helpful if there’s an opportunity. Being a doctor provides innumerable opportunities and the immense privilege to improve the lives of patients. In 2010, I emigrated to the U.S. seeking better opportunities, and for the last five years have been living in Tampa, Florida. 

When I’m not working, I enjoy doing things with my family, like travelling and cooking for them. I love to work in my garden and play with my dogs. 

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