Annette Yemat, MHC
Annette Yemat, MHC
Behavioral Health Counselor
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About me
I’m a mental health clinician at Sanitas working with patients virtually. They have access to my care through BeWell virtual sessions, phone and the mySanitas app. I pride myself on delivering counseling services that help my patients stay positive by focusing on the good things in their lives. My interest in mental health began with my work in the City of Miami Homeless program. Being able to provide aid to those most in need not only humbled me but motivated me to go above and beyond to serve others. I was able to do so during my internship, and later, my employment at Camillus House. It’s important to me to bring mental health awareness and wellness to our communities and make it easily accessible to everyone. Family is very important to me so when I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with them, as well as my friends, and my adored pets: a cat, a dog, and a bird. Born and raised in Miami, a city with many international influences, I've always enjoyed going to restaurants featuring cuisine from other countries and trying their traditional dishes. However, my favorite foods are Mexican.