Aly Hashim, DO
Aly Hashim, DO
Specialty Family Medicine

Doctor of Osteopathy: GA-PCOM

Family Medicine Resident PGY-1: Westchester General Hospital

About me

I was born in California and moved to Georgia when I was young and have spent most of my life in Georgia. I took Spanish class in high school and have continued to learn more and improve my Spanish since moving to Miami. My family history is filled with medical problems and I believe that a lack of understanding about healthcare was a primary cause of these medical problems which is why I chose a career in the medical field.

A good day at work for me is when I feel like I truly made an impact on my patients’ lives.

At Sanitas, we provide our best efforts across every department and job title. Whatever you come in for, know that there is a team fighting in your corner for you.

In my free time, I enjoy a variety of different things like watching and playing sports, going to the movies, and playing games.
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