If you have a fever, cough or other symptoms, you might have COVID-19. Most people have mild illness and are able to recover at home. If you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, contact your nearest Sanitas Medical Center immediately

Scheduling an appointment

We have secure virtual visits as well as in-person appointments available near you. Please see our appointment guides for your state or chat with us to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment:
Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut.

Virtual Visits
Medical Center
Primary Care Visits
Urgent Care Visits
Steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 if you are sick

Follow the steps below to care for yourself and to help protect other people in your home and community. See our full guide to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 here.

Stay home except to get medical care
Separate yourself from other people
Monitor your symptoms
Call ahead before visiting your nearest Sanitas Medical Center
If you are sick wear a cloth covering over your nose and mouth
Cover your coughs and sneezes
Clean your hands often
Avoid sharing personal household items
Clean all “high-touch” surfaces everyday
The care and safety of our patients and team members are our number one priority.