Appointment guide for West Florida patients

COVID-19 / Sanitas Medical Center

At Sanitas we are continuing to expand our ability to care for you either from the safety of your home or in one of our medical centers. We are taking every measure to protect you, our other patients, and our staff. We ask that you please follow these recommendations before coming in for an in-person appointment: 

  • Use a face mask in the waiting room and during your visit with the doctor
  • Practice social distancing while in the waiting room, we will label the chairs that you may sit in to follow these guidelines
  • Avoid bringing anyone with you if it’s not absolutely necessary, only if you are bringing your child for a pediatric appointment or if you are elderly and need someone to accompany you
  • If you need lab or diagnostic testing, call 1-844-665-4827 or chat with us to make an appointment 
  • Complete your registration forms prior to your visit—to avoid waiting in line 

If you don’t think that you need an in-person appointment, you can get virtual care by downloading the mySanitas Chat app to chat with your doctor, or click here to schedule a virtual appointment.

To avoid the spread of COVID-19, we have temporarily designated some locations for sick visits and some for well visits, and temporarily closed some locations to help free up staff for virtual appointments. Here’s the latest location information for cases where an in-person appointment is required:

For primary care visits that do not involve respiratory symptoms:

For sick visits that involve respiratory related symptoms:

The care and safety of our patients and team members are our number one priority.